FitRepublik Dubai Sports City

Busy sports centre with pool side boxing ring!

I’ve not been feeling 100% for a few days, but keen to add a couple more Dubai pools to the list before heading home tomorrow. FitRepublik is a 50m eight-lane pool near Jumeirah Village Circle, around 30 minutes from my Jumeriah Creekside base.

Arrive at reception and enquire about the free day pass I’ve signed up for… I have confirmation on WhatsApp, but, being a Saturday morning, the sales team aren’t available to OK the request! After a few minutes of discussion, I exchange my hire car key as security deposit for a smart wristband, and through the turnstile I go. Every pool should use these smart wristbands; they provide access control and secure changing room lockers - and probably a whole host of other uses.

The pool is very busy with weekend swim lessons and club training. The 50m pool is configured with a floating boom providing 16 lanes across the two pools, so there is plenty of capacity.

The centre lanes of the nearest pool are open for public swimming, jumping in and making a start. I was hoping for a full 3km workout today but will now settle for completing the required 1km with the way I’m feeling! The water temperature is a bit too warm for an energetic over-40 swim, the poolside LED display reports 28 - 29 degrees, but it feels warmer. The water is surprisingly murky, which always gives the swim a slightly less positive feel.

I immediately forget the take it easy as teenagers from the local swim club set the pace!

Finish up a total 1.5km swim, then take a slow cool down to try and get my breath back and heart rate down - whilst watching two guys box it out in the poolside ring!

Sit in the car for a few minutes and decide to give it a few minutes whilst the aircon kicks in. I’m really not feeling like a second swim, so plug Jumeirah Creekside Hotel into the Waze sat nav and head back. Two minutes later, pull over and stick the Warehouse Gym pool address in; there is every chance I’ll feel better on the 15-minute drive over there!

Arrive at the next pool in a very smart neighbourhood and instantly feel motivated as I spot a Starbucks next to the pool! (I’m back on the post-swim caramel macchiato and chocolate chip cookie wagon).

Swim Stats

  • 1500 meters total swim
  • 1:23 pace / 100m
  • Garmin Swim 2 Watch



Highly recommended pool - you'll find almost every sport represented at the Dubai Sports City. As you would expect in Dubai, the facilities are of the highest quality. Open hours are early to late, and public lane swimming is available throughout the day. The PAYG day rate is currently a very specific 158 AED, but the net savvy should be able to figure out how to find a free day pass.

Pool Details

  • Length 25 meters
  • 8-lane pool
  • Indoor

FitRepublik Dubai Sports City
The Academies, Dubai Sports City, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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