Warehouse Gym, Jumeirah Park

Outdoor swim in the hot Dubai sun!

I actually walked straight past the reception, through the building and out onto the pool deck, this could have been a free swim, but I didn’t feel comfortable with that as the guys on reception were swamped and, had they chance, would undoubtedly have checked me - I’ll happily take a free swim if invited, or reception is deserted, and I can’t find anyone to pay - which happens more often than you would think! - but on this occasion, I head back to reception, wait for them to deal with the unorganised chaos of enquiries, and pay the 105 AED entry fee.

Quick change and out onto the pool deck. I’ve left my flip-flops at the hotel; I sure could do with them right now; the stone pool deck is absorbing every therm of heat from the sun and burning my bare feet! Make a quick acrobatic step over to the covered tables on the far side of the pool.

Unlike the previous pool, the water here is super clear. With the shallow (approx. 1.2m) depth and sun directly overhead, I take the opportunity to practice my catch technique in the shadow I’m casting on the pool floor.

Complete a 2km swim to bring the day total to 3,500 meters, didn’t think that would be possible when I started this morning at FitRepublik! As I stop my Garmin Swim watch, I notice the screen doesn’t show my usual cumulative week total. Worse still, it won’t sync with my phone! Take a photo to log the session, just in case! (Fortunately, I manage to manually force it to sync from the watch menu later).

Finish the swim with a coffee and pain au chocolat (no cookies!) in the plushest Starbucks I’ve ever seen!

Swim Stats

  • 2000 meters total swim
  • 1:30 pace / 100m
  • Garmin Swim 2 Watch



Great outdoor pool, with full Olympic 50m length by 25m width (shame it's a bit shallow at one end!) and super-clear water! I would love to swim this in the evening when setup in the full length format.

Pool Details

  • Length 25 meters
  • 20+ lanes!-lane pool
  • Outdoor

Warehouse Gym, Jumeirah Park
Jumeirah Park, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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