Bachman Indoor Pool

Back in the USA and a Texas pool on the list finally!

Great to finally be back in the US - although I nearly wasn’t … Arrived at Heathrow to find my ESTA visa had been cancelled! Apparently not it’s been a problem in recent weeks so apply for a new visa as I stand at the check-in counter, I’m told the fastest check-in guys ever seen a visa issued is 50 minutes, and I have 42! Unbelievably, just as I was about to close the laptop several minutes after check-in closed, I heard a ding, looked and it was a visa approved update… The amazing Julie on the Heathrow check-in desks went over and above to re-open the flight and get me on the plane - after a sprint through Heathrow Terminal 3!

I’m on a two-stop Dallas > Los Angeles work trip and hoping to fit in at least three new pools. First stop, the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center Dallas to visit the fantastic post-COVID busting PSP + Deck Expo 2021, great to see a really busy expo floor again.

Manage the usual Dallas tourist stops then try and find a pool. I was hoping to get a couple done here but COVID seems to be still putting a dent in Dallas public facilities with many closed or on restricted hours. Managed to find the Bachman Indoor Pool just a few miles out of town back towards the airport, Uber booked and on my way.

It’s a fairly run-of-the-mill pool, very quiet (although it is mid-afternoon on a weekday during a pandemic) and has that US school pool feel about it. Jump in and make a start, have the watch set to the expected 25y length and pace set to an easy 1:30 beep interval. I’m way off fitness but something isn’t right, I’m either super fast or slow, the watch is all over the place, finish up on the 500m/y mark and to try to figure out what’s going on - I notice a printed sheet on the wall giving metre to yard conversions… It’s a 25-metre pool! In the US, how bizarre! Reset the watch and start again (Garmin and show two sessions!). Just about managed to complete 1,500 metres before I need to head back into the city.

Next stop Santa Monica, hopefully, more pools open in California!

Swim Stats

  • 1500 meters total swim
  • 1:28 pace / 100m
  • Garmin Swim 2 Watch



Well worn pool, typical US 90's high-school style pool, decent facility and well used by the local community.

Pool Details

  • Length 25 meters
  • 5-lane pool
  • Indoor

Bachman Indoor Pool
2750 Bachman Dr, Dallas, TX 75220

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