Livingwell Health Club & Spa Geneva

Travelling once again! First time trip to Switzerland.

My first time visiting Switzerland, it’s only a quick two-night visit, but as my first trip outside of the UK (and on a plane!) since December 2019 glad to just be anywhere!

Hoping to add a couple of pools to the list in between work and Swiss chocolate sampling and work but very aware that the Swiss have tight COVID restrictions; face masks, and double vaccination is mandatory to access any hotel, bar, or restaurant, which is acceptable; however, they have to scan proof of vaccination proof via the Swiss COVID app - which won’t support the NHS bar codes for a couple more weeks! I manage to blag my way into restaurants with a vague explanation and a flash of my NHS app QR code, but it’s painful. So I’ll be happy to just make one swim!

As luck would have it - and I don’t think I knew this when I booked the hotel, there is a Livingwell sports club underneath the Hilton hotel in Geneva, in fact, my balcony is directly above the glass roof with a full view of the pool!

I finish up at the trade show at 4:30 pm and have dinner plans with colleagues at 6:30 pm, so hopefully just enought time for the required 1km (and sauna and hot tub!).

Manage an awkward conversation with the guy at reception re. COVID pass, leave my outdoor shoes in the pigeonhole outside, as is the custom in Switzerland and head to the locker room with my complimentary towel. This is another pool where you have to walk back through reception to reach the pool deck, which always feels odd! Then through a channel of footbaths and showers, I really wish we had such strict hygiene rules in the UK!

Thanks to that full glass ceiling, the pool deck is flooded with light, and everywhere is spotlessly clean. To the right is a lounge area with sunbeds, and to the left is the 20m pool with its single swim lane, which fortunately is empty.

I’ve been out of the pool for more than six weeks, a massive change from the months of 6:30 am every morning! I really need to get back in the swing, which becomes immediately apparent as I jump in and attempt 1km.

Finish up at a far-from-record pace and have just enough time to sit in the hot tub and steam room before heading out to a traditional Swiss restaurant for cheese and meat fondue!

Swim Stats

  • 1000 meters total swim
  • 1:32 pace / 100m
  • Garmin Swim 2 Watch



It may only have one swim lane but still a great private club pool, very clean and fantastic facilities.

Pool Details

  • Length 20 meters
  • 1-lane pool
  • Indoor

Livingwell Health Club & Spa Geneva
Rte François-Peyrot 34, 1218 Le Grand-Saconnex, Switzerland

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