Wycombe Leisure Centre

Fantastic modern 50m pool just a hop outside of London.

Fantastic modern 50m pool just a hop outside of London

Friday evening drive home after a long week in Bristol and London, managed a few new pools this week but still time for one more. Decide to straddle the rush hour traffic with a stop-off in High Wycombe at their almost new (Opened in 2016) sports facility. I didn’t realise just how close this pool was to the M40, you can practically see it from the motorway! Find a space in the purpose-built multi-storey car park, change out of my work gear in the back of the car (again!) and head into the pool.

Wow, this place looks fantastic, and I’ve only reached the reception! Immediately through the entrance door, you see a permanent install climbing wall, cafe and through the glass wall, a gleaming 50m pool and a smaller teaching pool. Pay the £5 entry fee and make my way through to the communal changing facility.

The pool is 50m by eight lanes, set up almost permanently with a centred boom to give two 25m lane pools. I can’t see any 50m lap swim sessions in the timetable, I expect they only move the boom for competitions, but I think this setup works well, ensuring they always have public lane swim even with multiple concurrent club training and swim lessons.

Head out to the far end deepwater lanes, the reception did make me aware that this would close for a club training session in 30 minutes, but it’s quieter than the shallow end lanes so jump in and make a start on an opening 1km. I’m trying to keep up with the pack in the May 2019 swim.com T-shirt challenge so keen to complete a full 4km session today.

1,000m done, jump out and switch to the other side of the boom, it’s busier but find the fast lane with just one other pacey swimmer. Jump in and continue. With a further 120 lengths complete I finish up a full 4km session. With some time before I head back to the M40 to drive home, have time to warm down and chat with my lane-mate Matt.

Swim Stats

  • 4000 meters total swim
  • 1:25 pace / 100m
  • Garmin Swim Watch



Perfect water temperature and crystal clear water make this a fantastic, modern swimming facility. I only wish my local pool was half the facility the people of High Wycombe have on their doorstep.

Pool Details

  • Length 50 meters
  • 8-lane pool
  • Indoor

Wycombe Leisure Centre
Marlow Hill, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, UK

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