North Shore Aquatic Complex

Possibly the best swim expereince yet!

On the banks of Tampa Bay, two minutes from downtown St. Petersburg, the pool is a 45-minute trip from my base in Redington Beach.

This should be 50 metres Olympic-size pool swim - but on arrival, I find the parking and entrance area filled with two large marquee tents, one a registration desk and the other a makeshift swim gear store - they’re gearing up for the ISCA International Senior Cup!

The 50m pool is closed, but the 25 yard warm-up pool is open for lap swim. Walking past the competition pool, it looks very impressive, fully decked with electronic timing, full blocks, banners, flags and spectator seating.

Arrive at the warm-up pool, I’ve never seen such a well spec’d pool deck - and tent coverage from the 89’ heat!

I have the choice of … the only available lane, and it’s clear why this lane is open, it’s complete with a water jet raining down on the far end of the lane in a 10ft arch - it doesn’t look so bad. (Once I start the swim, I find this is some form of water filter with two large ‘sponge-clad’ intakes on the pool floor).

Make a start; the water is extremely clear, clean, and the perfect temperature on such a hot day; at the first turn, I get my first experience with the ‘sprinkler’. The water, flung from such a height, and chilled as it flies through the air, feels more like hail stones hammering on your head and back as you pass with each lap - it’s also quite hard to breathe as you pass through the turbulent splash. As the swim progresses and the heart rate increases, the momentary cool jet of water on each pass becomes quite welcome.

Finish up a set of 3,000 yards and head over to the small beach adjacent to the pool car park; on the way out, I pass the table filled with carefully laid out bronze, silver and gold medals for each swimming category.

Also, this was pool 99, getting close to the magic 100 mark - 10% there!

Swim Stats

  • Length: 3000 yards total swim
  • 1:26 pace / 100y
  • Garmin Swim 2 Watch



Probably the best facilities i've expereinced to-date!

Pool Details

  • Length: 25 yards
  • 10-lane pool
  • Outdoor

North Shore Aquatic Complex
901 N Shore Dr NE, St. Petersburg, FL 33701, United States

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