Desert Breeze Aquatic Center

Busy Nevada Pool, Desert Breeze by name, desert breeze most definitely by nature!

Desert Breeze mid Dust Storm!

The second pool of the day, a 30-minute drive across the Las Vegas Strip to the West side of town, not 5-minutes from the pool and my phone makes a sound I’ve heard only once before - the emergency alert in Hawaii to warn of an approaching hurricane! A quick glance at the screen, inbound dust storm warning! Switch off the ‘Focus, Moving Waves’ album and scan local radio, nothing, It’s definitely windy but no one else seems fussed - so I continue on.

Arrive and pay my $6 entry fee. It’s busy, early evening swim training is in full swing, its a 50m pool with 25-yard lanes split across the width, so there are lots of them, but the place is packed with club sessions maintaining the impressive pace. Fortunately, there are two public lanes on the nearside. Jump in and make a start, in front of the dozens of swim-parents on the far-side metal seating - this won’t be much more than the minimum requirement, the second swim of the day, I’m out of shape and hungry! Complete an 800-yards followed by 4x 100’s to make a total of 1,200-yards. Pool 56 done.

Desert Breeze by name, desert breeze most definitely by nature! Not ashamed to say, I finish the day with a double serving of Panda Express - there is just too much to choose from.

Swim Stats

  • Length: 1200 yards total swim
  • 1:24 pace / 100y
  • Garmin Swim Watch



Busy pool, appreciate I arrived as local club training was in full swing. Facilities were reasonably clean, the water was OK, clean(ish) and clear(ish).

Pool Details

  • Length: 25 yards
  • 6-lane pool
  • Indoor

Desert Breeze Aquatic Center
8275 Spring Mountain Rd., Las Vegas, NV, USA

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