Cadbury House

Leisure club pool at home-from-home Hilton hotel!

This is my home-from-home pool. I work in Clevedon just south of Bristol Monday and Tuesday and frequently stay at the Cadbury House Hilton hotel.

The pool is part of the private health club just down the hill from the hotel. The pool is only 20m and barely 1.2m deep - and usually heated to hot-tub temperature but in general the facilities are great and the sauna, steam and hot tubs are very welcome.

In my 7+ years staying here, I’ve yet to use the gym but the restaurant upstairs has provided many a Monday evening post-swim dinner and cheeky beer! All of which makes this a great all-around package.

Swim Stats

  • 2000 meters total swim
  • 1:27 pace / 100m
  • Garmin Swim Watch



The pool serves as more the expected spa add-on for the private leisure club so you're more likely to find bathers than swimmers! But the facilities are great and the restaurant upstairs is highly recommended.

Pool Details

  • Length 20 meters
  • 2-lane pool
  • Indoor

Cadbury House
Frost Hill, Congresbury, Bristol BS49 5AD, UK

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