Burnham-on-Sea Swim & Sports Academy

Back in grey, wet and windy UK for a post-work swim right on the Bristol Channel!

I’m back in the UK, and it’s grey, wet and windy!

I’m down in Somerset and struggling to find a pool with lane sessions at convenient times. It’s the Easter holiday, so kids are off school, and most pools run revised schedules.

swimmersguide.com pins a pool in Burnham-On-Sea, 25 minutes south on the M5 from our Clevedon office; the weather isn’t great, but I’m keen to keep the recent momentum and add a new pool to the list after a disappointing zero whilst I was in New York City. I’ve done all of the easy-to-reach Manhatten pools! I’ve had my eye on the 50m Pool at Flushing Meadows for the last few trips, but I didn’t fancy a 2-hour train journey or a $120 round-trip Uber!

The Burnham-on-Sea Swim & Sports Academy is a small 70’s style narrow four-lane 25m, stretching from a shallow, shallow end (side turns!) to a deeper ‘pit’ with an odd floor profile.

The building interior surrounding the pool deck is a really dark brown bare brick, combined with the industrial orange glow floodlights, the pool has an odd, dark, orange feel; the pool walls and floor are a dull blue which all gives the water a somewhat murky feel - it doesn’t help I’ve got my Florida sun gold mirror Arena Cobra Ultra goggles in the swim bag! I’m sure a simple bulbs switch to a white light would give the interior a more positive vibe.

Join the fast lane with another guy preparing to make a start; he looks like he’ll have a good pace, so a quick chat to see what he’s planning to do, then get to a 3km set. My pace isn’t great, so make my excuses - I’m feeling somewhat under the weather with a cold (proper man flu!), but it’s another pool on the list and 3km on the watch.

Swim Stats

  • 3000 meters total swim
  • 1:30 pace / 100m
  • Garmin Swim 2 Watch



Simple but practical 70s style small pool, but a great facility for the local community and clearly well used!

Pool Details

  • Length 25 meters
  • 4-lane pool
  • Indoor

Burnham-on-Sea Swim & Sports Academy
Berrow Rd, Burnham-on-Sea TA8 2ET, UK

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